Dazzle Lays Out Vision For Future Guest Experience

July 27, 2017

27th July 2017

In a brand new video, travel technology start-up Dazzle reveals how they are revolutionising the travel industry by using AI enabled voice and chatbots to revamp how hotels and their guests communicate.

Given the recent paradigm shift in guest habits due to overall societal changes and, of course, technology, it’s unsurprising that research conducted by Dazzle’s parent company, Lola Tech, highlighted that today’s customers are prone to ask more of a digital interface than a human. With this in mind, Charles Cadbury and Cheyne Cole of the travel software business created Dazzle, the first integrated chatbot and voice activated personal assistant, intending to deliver next level concierge services to hoteliers.  By providing and upgrading multiple guest communication channels Dazzle enables hotels to empower staff and most importantly, engage with their customers in a way they are familiar with and driving increased engagement.

Dazzle is an early enterprise adopter of Alexa and with an estimated 8.2 million Amazon Echo Dot owners globally, the company are taking advantage of this unique technology to bring about the next generation of hospitality.  Guests can ask Dazzle questions, on the move, through Facebook Messenger or simply speak to Dazzle once in their room using Amazon Echo devices.  From recommending local activities, to ordering a taxi or fulfilling any request (toothbrush, bathrobe, slippers, wake up call...), Dazzle can do it all in seconds.  Furthermore, if circumstances change, hotels can leverage Dazzle to accommodate guests’ needs on demand.

Watch the Video Here

Charles Cadbury, Co-Founder at Dazzle commented “Voice activated personal assistants will become as ubiquitous in hotel rooms as the TV now is.  We’re trying to empower people, allow them to have another communication channel with guests. It’s not always automated responses, it’s designed with a 'humans-in-the-loop'. Computers aren’t going to be the answer, it’s only a hybrid approach that is going to help the system learn faster and deliver a dazzling experience!”

Through integration with the property management system, Dazzle produces an unprecedented amount of top-level data that supports the provision of first-class customer service.  Hoteliers are able to analyse the number of requests per room or individual guest, understand what time of day they are interacting with the system and evaluate overall engagement. Furthermore, functionality is available for staff to effortlessly oversee customer requests in a neat dashboard and proactively react to these requirements.

After the initial conception of Dazzle in September 2016, the team won the Marriott testBED accelerator programme, beating over 160 global competitors in the process.  This led to a two stage 10 room pilot that took place in the Marriott County Hall.  They experienced additional success during London Tech Week, winning ‘Most Innovative Pitch’ at an event held at the Travel Tech Labs and were runner-up in the 2017 'Start-up and Innovation in Travel Awards' at the eyefortravel Europe event.

With competition fierce, hotels are looking for unique and innovative ways to ensure brand loyalty and Dazzle is a key enabler of this.  Now in the market and with partnerships being fostered with a number of well respected travel brands, the company is set to transform hotel and guest relationships.