The Exceptional Uptake of Assistants [GRAPH]

April 18, 2018

At Dazzle we take rapid changes in consumer behaviour seriously and our research points to a dramatic shift towards real time virtual assistants. This is why we created Dazzle, to meet this customer demand, Dazzle is a platform that allows Travel Operators to communicate with their customers instantly across messenger platforms, SMS & smart speakers.

We are keen to share our insight and explain why now is the time to sit up and learn about assistants. We are hosting a series of free masterclasses hosted at your office or hosted at Lola Tech HQ (book here) where you can get hands-on with assistant opportunities and growth.

Assistant uptake today vs. internet and mobile at their introduction:

Dazzle handles 'operational, functional and transactional requests', improving your customers experience and growing your company's ancillary revenue.

We believe assistants will hugely affect digital behaviours over the next 5 years and have designed a FREE 2 hour masterclass to share our view on opportunities, threats and where this platform can deliver the most value to your business. From this session, hosted at your offices or hosted at ours in Kings Cross you will:

  • Learn about how and why assistants will grow
  • Understand market forces driving their adoption
  • See examples of different strategies that take advantage of assistants
  • Experience an exercise to create a simple conversational engagement
  • Take away a short video of how a conversational experience could work in your business