Dazzle enables a 24/7 service to be provided by a travel operator to its customers that can answer any question asked in natural language immediately.
This allows the travel operator to provide a service that until now would have been cost prohibitive.

Dazzle is a white label platform that integrates with a Travel Operator’s existing knowledge and service sources, ingests that knowledge into its conversational model and allows access to that knowledge for the Travel Operator’s customers through voice and messaging channels e.g. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, SMS.
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What makes the Dazzle platform so unique

Dazzle provides a new ecosystem of joined-up customer touchpoints, exposing multiple new revenue opportunities
Conversations can be started and resumed at any time and on any device, including voice, messenger, bespoke apps and human agents
Future proof - new channels can be included as they emerge as priorities in the future
Machine learning plus feedback loop will continuously improve the value of the platform

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Dazzle have developed a unique architectural approach that will allow travel operators to provide services and information to their customers via any conversational interface using a single conversational model. Dazzle abstracts the varied chatbot and voice assistant platforms and connects them to static (FAQ) and logic based data sources (timetables, ticketing, et al) within your organisation.
The Dazzle architecture is underpinned by reporting and analytics tools which will provide a real time view of customer activity as well as using machine learning to improve the quality of customer interactions.



The Dazzle architecture is to provide ONE platform with the same information via multiple interaction channels that your customers already use.

Rush Hour Ready

Dazzle has been architected with high traffic and user numbers as a design objective. Messaging system designed from start to handle rush hour peak bursts


Every customer can choose the channels they wish to include in their service. New channels can be added as they become available or prevalent. Dazzle conversations can be integrated into existing apps and websites.

Single Customer View

Reporting and Business Intelligence modules for optimising service are included with the platform. Interface for human agents to step in and ‘take over’ complex queries, while providing a history of customer interactions.